Saturday, September 27, 2014

In Full Swing

Once school is back in session, it seems like everything else is in full swing. This year we have felt that more than ever. Every week night is busy and scheduled with some sort of activity. It's a good kind of busy though. Hudson is loving soccer again this year, and is really enjoying Kids Life at church on Wednesday evenings. We love our church and are blessed to have such great programs for children to learn and grow. 
Football season has been fun and exciting so far. My little bulldog likes watching the games this year, and I must say that he is just as intense and vocal as his Daddy. Go Dawgs! 
The weather has finally started to feel like Fall, and you can go outside without sweating through humidity. We love it!
I had Hudson's Fall conference with his teacher this week, and I continue to be so proud of him. He's loving kindergarten and has already grown SO much academically as well as in self control. He had his 5 year well check up this week as well. His height is off the charts, and his weight is 95th percentile. He got his flu shot without a flinch and wouldn't even let me hold his hand. :( 
Here are some of our Fall pictures so far...