Sunday, April 29, 2012

they just want a mama

As I've mentioned here before, I started this blog as a way to document milestones and things that I wanted to remember about Hudson growing up.  It's kind of like his "baby book".   It's fun for me to look back at posts and see how much my boy has grown and changed and remember little details that I would have otherwise forgotten. 
Through this blog, and the blogging world, I have followed several other blogs that advocate for precious treasures across the ocean.  You see, there are so many children that are considered worthless and unwanted in their society due to having special needs. They did nothing wrong.  They are viewed as "burdens".  These children are living in absolutely horrific conditions.  Many of them live in the confines of the bars on their cribs.  Can you imagine a 14 year old girl who only weighs 16 lbs.? Children are fed once a day from a glass bottle that has a nipple stretched over the top with a large whole cut into it.  The flour/water mixture is forced down their throats as they lay flat of their backs.  These children are lucky to have their diapers changed once a day.  The conditions are deplorable.  It's something that we simply cannot imagine here in the USA.  There is no reason for it.  No reason at all.  All children were created by our God.  Why would one life be valued over another? 
Susanna is a wonderful mother who has been overseas and seen with her own eyes what many could not even fathom.  She has adopted one of the precious treasures.  Katie is her daughter who came home after living in horrible conditions for 9 years.  When she came home, her 12month clothes were falling off of her.  She had to spend time in the hospital for severe malnutrition.  It's amazing that she made it as long as she did.  She held on.  She waited for her mama to come get her.  The Lord brought her through and freed her from the bondage of that orphanage.  Please go and read this post to learn more about this terrible situation.  You cannot fully understand the magnitude of this situation until you see the pictures and read these posts about this hell on earth. 
 Please visit this blog where Julia yells for these precious kids.  Please also read this post from another mother who is in the process of adopting a child from this orphanage.  Even though we all can't go cross the ocean and start adopting all of these children, we can pray for them.  We can pray for their families to find them.  We can donate to them.  We can advocate for them. 
As I blog about my precious, healthy, loved child and talk about all of the wonderful and fun things he does, it breaks my heart to hear stories like this one.  That sweet, beautiful, perfect little boy just wants a mama.  He doesn't want the newest Chuggington movie, or a happy meal from Chick fil A., or tickets to go see the monster trucks show.  He JUST WANTS A MAMA!!!!  My heart is broken for these children.  No longer can I just pretend that this kind of thing happens across the ocean and does not effect me or my family.  I can help spread the word about these kids and so can you.

Monster Trucks, Friends, and 17/52

  We decided to take H to the Monster Truck/Motor Cross show on Friday evening.  We've taken him to things like "Sesame Street Live" when he was in his Elmo phase, and he liked it but after about 30 minutes, he was no longer interested.  Well, BRING ON THE MONSTER TRUCKS!!!  HE LOVED IT!  In fact, he couldn't even take his eyes off the show.  It was too cute.  Obviously it was VERY loud, so he wore ear plugs for a little while, and even wore ear muffs for a bit too.  He really enjoyed it, and I'm glad we took him. 

 On Saturday, one of my besties came to visit us from the Charleston area.  It was so good to see Jeanna and spend time shopping and hanging out.  Of course, we made a trip to Sconyers for lunch. 

14 years of friendship. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monthly Update

Another month has passed so quickly.  This time, you turned another month older on my birthday.  I love that we both have birthdays on the 25th.  You, August and me, April. 
 This past month has been a fun one.  We had a week off together for Spring Break, and I loved every minute of it.  It was so fun to be able to spend all day every day with you for 9 whole days.  I can't wait for the summer.  Only 3 more weeks!!!  Baby Charlotte was born this past month and you love her so much.  You always talk about her and how you are the "big brother".  I can't wait to watch the bond that you form with her.  Your bond with Claire is so special and we are so blessed to have the Hayes family as dear friends family.

You are into all kinds of different characters and you like to pretend that you are these characters.  You say that you are Wyatt off of Superwhy, and that Claire is the princess. 
 When we are riding in the car, you say that we are a race car like Lightning McQueen.  We have to put our hands up when we go down a hill, make sound effects and drastically lean one way or the other when we turn or go around a curve, and you like to tell us which ways to turn because you've learned where the "big hills" are.
 You have never really been one who liked to sing, but lately you've started singing all the time.  You really like to sing "Jesus is a rock and he rolls my blues away....bop shoo bop shoo bop whoo" complete with the hand motions.  You learned this one from Ms. Alley at church, and I think it's so precious to hear you sing.  While Meme was here when Charlotte was born, she sang lots of songs for you and Claire.  You caught on to some of them, and have been singing ever since. 

 Your little voice is the most precious thing that I have ever heard.  It's so cute how you talk and draw out the last syllable that you say.  You are constantly telling us things that you have figured out or made connections about.  I love how your little mind is going a mile a minute and that you are so smart. 
 Well, summer is right around the corner, so we will have lots of time to play, go to the pool, visit with friends, and travel.  I can't wait!!!!  You are a great kid who keeps us on our toes. 
I love you my little Buster!  You make life so much more fun!!! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun Weekend and 16/52

This past weekend was lots of fun.  The weather was beautiful.  On Saturday we went to a Spring Carnival at a local church that was wonderful for the kids.  Hudson and Claire enjoyed playing on lots of different inflatables, we had lunch, and they even got snow cones.  It was a great time.  On Saturday night, we went to a cook out at my friends house to celebrate her birthday.  Her birthday is on Tuesday, the day before mine.  We have been friends since 3rd grade.  I'm sad that I forgot to take pictures Saturday night. 

Photo(s) of the week...
The simple things that make kids and pink snow cones. 

H and C got their hands painted...Tinkerbell and Spiderman.
 Since Jennifer is on maternity leave, she's able to hang out with these two awesome kids more during the week.  They had fun with their umbrellas when we had some rainy weather last week. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Better late than never, right? Last week was busy as we got back into our regular routine after being off for Spring Break. This Instagram photo will have to do.
My handsome little Hud...

Sunday, April 8, 2012


We've had such a wonderful week, and I couldn't narrow it down to just one favorite. Taking H to the Masters was really special and cool

I love the excitement on their faces in this picture from our trip to the zoo.
Dying Easter eggs is hilarious!Our little family on Easter.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Masters Week/Spring Break Blogapalooza

We have been busy this week while I have been out of work for Spring Break/Masters Week. Dave took off to hang out with Hud and me, and it's been such a fun week. It started with a bang with Baby Charlotte being born. Here's the big sister and "big brother" just as we were about to head to the hospital to see her for the first time. She's so beautiful!
Mr. Barrett, H, and C admiring that precious baby girl! Nana is so excited to have another baby! Hudson was sporting his "big sister" sticker.
Last weekend Erin and I took the kids to Atlanta for Peyton's birthday party. Peyton's mom, Jane is our friend from college, and it's always great for us to get together even if it is for a quick visit. Hudson and Ila had a BLAST! Here's the beautiful birthday girl. She had such a fun party.After the party, we headed over to Jane and Paul's house to visit a little more and the kids had more fun playing.

Of course we had to take the annual birthday picture. This one isn't so bad, but it's still not easy to get everyone to cooperate and all look at the camera at the same time. I enjoyed getting to visit with these gals so much! Christy, Jane, Emily, Erin, and I all lived on the same hall in the dorms our freshman year almost 15 years ago! HOLY COW!!!!! I'm OLD!!!!
We visited Baby Charlotte when she came home from the hospital. She truly is a real live baby doll. She's so tiny, and this little guy was smitten by her. He was so excited to hold her and wear his big brother shirt. Hudson had another first this week. He went to the Masters for the first time. We debated on if we should take him or not, but I'm so glad we did. He did so well, had so much fun, and enjoyed the experience. He's still talking about the "men hitting the golf ball hard at the Masters".

Uncle Lee is home this week. We miss him since he's moved to Pennsylvania. This is such a flattering picture of him. We have had fun hanging out with Lee and Ashley.We packed up and headed to the zoo with Erin, Jarvis, and Ila. We got there when they first opened and beat the crowds and the heat. It was such a great day, and we all had a blast. Of course, we had to make a trip for a late lunch at California Dreaming at the old train depot in Columbia.

I just love them! Erin and I didn't even plan on dressing them alike. They had so much fun together.
Now it's time to focus on Easter. Sorry this post is so long, but we've just had a lot going on and I have not had a chance to blog. It's been a great Spring Break so far.