Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monster Trucks, Friends, and 17/52

  We decided to take H to the Monster Truck/Motor Cross show on Friday evening.  We've taken him to things like "Sesame Street Live" when he was in his Elmo phase, and he liked it but after about 30 minutes, he was no longer interested.  Well, BRING ON THE MONSTER TRUCKS!!!  HE LOVED IT!  In fact, he couldn't even take his eyes off the show.  It was too cute.  Obviously it was VERY loud, so he wore ear plugs for a little while, and even wore ear muffs for a bit too.  He really enjoyed it, and I'm glad we took him. 

 On Saturday, one of my besties came to visit us from the Charleston area.  It was so good to see Jeanna and spend time shopping and hanging out.  Of course, we made a trip to Sconyers for lunch. 

14 years of friendship. 

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