Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monthly Update

Another month has passed so quickly.  This time, you turned another month older on my birthday.  I love that we both have birthdays on the 25th.  You, August and me, April. 
 This past month has been a fun one.  We had a week off together for Spring Break, and I loved every minute of it.  It was so fun to be able to spend all day every day with you for 9 whole days.  I can't wait for the summer.  Only 3 more weeks!!!  Baby Charlotte was born this past month and you love her so much.  You always talk about her and how you are the "big brother".  I can't wait to watch the bond that you form with her.  Your bond with Claire is so special and we are so blessed to have the Hayes family as dear friends family.

You are into all kinds of different characters and you like to pretend that you are these characters.  You say that you are Wyatt off of Superwhy, and that Claire is the princess. 
 When we are riding in the car, you say that we are a race car like Lightning McQueen.  We have to put our hands up when we go down a hill, make sound effects and drastically lean one way or the other when we turn or go around a curve, and you like to tell us which ways to turn because you've learned where the "big hills" are.
 You have never really been one who liked to sing, but lately you've started singing all the time.  You really like to sing "Jesus is a rock and he rolls my blues away....bop shoo bop shoo bop whoo" complete with the hand motions.  You learned this one from Ms. Alley at church, and I think it's so precious to hear you sing.  While Meme was here when Charlotte was born, she sang lots of songs for you and Claire.  You caught on to some of them, and have been singing ever since. 

 Your little voice is the most precious thing that I have ever heard.  It's so cute how you talk and draw out the last syllable that you say.  You are constantly telling us things that you have figured out or made connections about.  I love how your little mind is going a mile a minute and that you are so smart. 
 Well, summer is right around the corner, so we will have lots of time to play, go to the pool, visit with friends, and travel.  I can't wait!!!!  You are a great kid who keeps us on our toes. 
I love you my little Buster!  You make life so much more fun!!! 

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