Thursday, July 7, 2011

Late 4th of July post

We packed the car last weekend and headed to Alabama to see our family there. We have been going there for July 4th for five years now. It's always a fun summer trip, and Hudson loves being with Ella. Since he was in the car for over 5 hours, I was so glad for him to get some energy out when we got there before the rain moved in.

Monday morning, we headed downtown to our normal spot for the parade. The kids played before the parade started at the school whose parking lot we were in.

Hudson and Daddy waiting on the parade to start. Thanks, Mrs. Elenor for saving our spot and for the fun pin wheels.

Ella was really thrilled about me taking her picture. Can't you tell?

My child has no fear...of anything! Here he is picking up a bug! GROSS!!!

He's always playing baseball or golf...even if there's a parade going on right in front of him. Too bad he's to young for me to sign him up on a team!

I had to post this picture from last year on July 4th. Sorry that it's so small....

Check out how much they have grown! We had to strap them into the wagon just to get them to stay still enough for a picture.

They played outside before we headed out to watch the fireworks.

Running, running, and more running.

This was before the fireworks started. I wasn't sure how my boy would react to the loud noise, but had a feeling that it wouldn't bother him.

I was right.

He watched for about 90 seconds, looked at me and said... "I like it!", then hopped down and ran around playing for the rest of the show.

The newlyweds!We had a great time, and stopped by IKEA on the way home. I love that store and could really spend the whole day there. We picked up some things that I've been wanting to get for a while. It's nice to be home after such a long drive. We are going to enjoy all the time we have left before school starts back. Hope you all had a wonderful July 4th.

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  1. They are such cute kids, love Hudson's blonde hair, love their happy smiles and the grumpy smirks !