Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer 2011 Recap

We started the summer off at the end of May at the beach with our family. It was a blast. Hudson had a great time with Ella, and loved the water. He would just run straight into the ocean with no fear.

We had lots of play dates with Claire. These buddies are attached at the hip and always enjoy being together.

Claire turned two and had a super fun zebra party.

We spent a LOT of time at the pool, and it's official...Hudson is a little fish and loves the water just like his parents. No fear!

We celebrated Ila's birthday by going to see Sesame Street Live. These most adorable toddlers loved it.

Ila turned two and had an amazing Wiggles party.

Chris and Jackie came to visit.We spent lots of time outdoors.

Hudson learned how to climb out of his crib among other things.
We went to Alabama for the 4th of July and enjoyed being with familly and having good times playing with Ella.

I loved spending so much time with this sweet boy!

Barrett and Carter turned 2. Their carnival party was really cool.

The temps soared to over 100 degrees and our time outside was limited to early morning or evening. We found ways to stay entertained while being inside.

Lots of fun was had with great friends.

Summer 2011 has been great! Hudson grew so much and even potty trained. He's doing so well with it, and I feel like we can say that we officially have potty training success. I'm super proud of him. He is such a little boy. No more baby.

I start back to school on Tuesday. As much as I hate to see summer end, I am ready for both of us to get back into a routine. Hudson loves being with his Nana and Claire everyday, and Nana has some some exciting "school" stuff planed for those two smarty pants.

It's Hudson's time to turn 2 (in three short weeks), and we can't begin to express how much we are looking forward to Fall. Cooler weather, pumpkins, blue jeans, and college football are just around the corner. Summer flew by, but it's time to move forward. This is going to be a great year!

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