Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bailey, Tripp, Lucy, and Keegan

We are so blessed and so thankful to have a healthy, beautiful, energetic, smart, precious son. There are several families that are very heavy on my heart right now, and although I am only one of many people that are praying for these babies and their families, I ask that you to add them to your prayer list. I cannot imagine what they are going through right now. It's just not fair, BUT we all know who is in control and his plan is much greater than we could ever imagine. I admire the parents of these precious babies and pray that they continue to have the faith they need and feel God's arms around them and their sweet children.

Bailey Gordy- This precious little one year old was diagnosed last week with neuroblastoma cancer. Bailey's mom, Rachel and I worked together in college along with her sister who was one of my close friends during my college years. Click here to follow her on her carepages site.

Tripp Roth- Tripp has a very rare skin disease called EB. The slightest little bit of friction causes horrible blisters and open wounds that are very difficult to heal. This disease is horrible! I have been following Tripp's story from his mom's blog for a while now. Courtney is the strongest person, and best mom that I know. Tripp has recently taken a turn for the worse and continues to battle infection after infection. He is in tremendous pain all the time. Please pray for Tripp and for Courtney as she struggles with wanting her baby healed and pain free in Heaven, and not having him here with her on Earth. Everyone should read Courtney and Tripp's story here. They are an inspiration, and it truly is amazing to see how many lives Tripp has already touched in his 2 short years here on Earth, and how Courtney has been 100% self-less. Be sure to read Courtney's poem that she wrote to Tripp called "I'll Need a Pinky Swear". It will tear you up, so make sure that you have plenty of kleenex.

Lucy- You see Lucy's cute face on the right side of my blog in her "Pray for Lucy" button. She's battling cancer and is one BRAVE girl. She has also been through so much in her short little life. She has a sister and little brother at home while she is at St. Jude with her mommy getting treatment. Pray for the whole family as they do everything in their power and sacrifice so much to ensure that their little girl is receiving the best treatment. From her reports, it looks like she is kicking cancer's butt!!! Go Lucy Go!!!! You can read about Lucy here, or click on her button.

Keegan- Oh sweet little Keegan, my heart sank this morning as I read your mommy's new blog update. Keegan has brain cancer and has been through various surgeries and endless treatments. He recently arrived in New York to start a trial treatment. This was going to be the miracle treatment to heal Keegan. Yesterday he had an MRI, and his mom Beth reported that the large tumor has come back, and doctors dismissed him from the trial and sent him home telling them that the tumor is inoperable. They also saw new leisions on the scan. How heartbreaking!!!!!! Read Keegan's story here, and tell me those bright blue eyes don't melt your heart. Keegan's mom Beth has worked tirelessly on fundraiser after fundraiser to raise money for their medical needs, and travel needs.

I often find myself complaining about silly trivial things. Every time I get frustrated with my (almost) 2 year old, I think about these families and how they would LOVE to have their child well enough to annoy them at times. We are so blessed! Thank you Lord for my child, and please be with these precious children mentioned above.

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