Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The First Last

Today we celebrated the end of Hudson's first year of preschool.  He went to 3K this year and it was a wonderful experience with an even better teacher.  We were so fortunate to have someone who loved Hudson, and was so kind while teaching him so much.
Here's a side by side comparison of the first and last day of school.  Look at how much this boy has grown!  Oh my...bittersweet!!
His class party was today at McDonald's.  It was so fun to see Hudson and all of his little friends enjoying themselves and having fun together.  They don't understand that their year is "over" and that they won't be going back to Mrs. Head's class on Thursday morning.  They had fun though, and we are glad that a few of them will be going to Summer Playcation one day each week together.

 Hudson and his sweet teacher, Mrs. Head.  We are forever grateful for her. 
 I'm sad that this year has come to an end for Hudson, but I am super excited about what the summer holds for us.

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