Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We did it!

I've dreaded this day for the past 2 months.  Today Hudson and I both went back to school.  This is never particularly easy for me, but Huddy Buddy started Pre-K today, and I still can't seem to wrap my brain around the fact that he's old enough for that.  We are so excited and thankful that he has another amazing teacher this year, and we love the school that he attends.  It's just that my baby is growing up, and that's not an easy pill to swallow.  
Thinking back to one year ago when he was starting preschool for the first time makes me so proud of how much he has matured, grown, and learned.  We were blessed with the best teacher ever last year, and she helped ease the transition into school.  It wasn't easy on that day as I dropped him off for the first time, and rounded the corner into the hallway.  I heard him start crying, and it was SO HARD not to go back.  I remember walking to the car doing the "ugly cry" as I passed other parents I knew.  I counted down the hours until I could go pick him up.  He had a great year.
What a difference a year makes!!!  This morning, my "baby" didn't want to be walked into his classroom.  He told me that he could "just be dropped off in the car line, and not to be sad because he would come home after school".  REALLY???  I wasn't prepared for that, but I am SO glad that he feels comfortable with his new teacher and new classroom.  I was in such a tizzy this morning even though we woke up extra early.  It wasn't easy for us to both be going back to school on the same day.  Summer was so fun and we made lots of great memories.  I just wasn't ready for it to end.
I've prayed all summer for Hudson's school year, his teacher, and that he will continue to learn and grow into the young man that God has intended him to be.  It was so special to meet his teacher at open house and feel an immediate sense of peace and know that God has placed him exactly where he wants him and where he belongs.  As we set off on this journey, I look forward to all of the things that are in store for my boy.  Here he is on his first day of school.

 You know I'm going to have a comparison picture in here! The first day of school 2012 for 3K on the left and today on the right.  See what I mean about growing up too fast???

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