Friday, December 25, 2009

Today We Celebrate.....BIRTHDAYS!

Of course the most important one we celebrate today is that of Christ Jesus. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus. Thank you for what you have done for us.

My great grandmother, Meme was born on December 25th. She is no longer with us, but we always think about her and celebrate her life on this day as well.

Today is my sweet little man's 4 month birthday. It's hard to believe that 4 months have gone by SO fast. Seriously...time needs to slow down. Here are a few snapshots of little man's journey so far.

We love you beyond words, Hudson and are SO blessed to have you in our lives.

This is how you began your journey on August 25th. You gave us quite a scare in the beginning, but you were so strong and fought to get out of that NICU. You were home with us in no time. Praise the Lord!

Then, as quick as I could blink an eye you were already a month old. You and I enjoyed being home with each other every day.

You keep growing and changing. Every day you do something new. We love watching all of your new faces and smiles. Here you are at 2 months. This was at Claire's house. You sure do love her. She's your girl, and we are so happy that you get to play with her everyday.

You were 3 months the day we had your Christmas pictures made. This one looks just like me when I was a baby. Seriously...when I put the pictures side by side, we could be twins....but you are cuter.

Now it's Christmas, and you woke up in such a sweet mood. Happy 4 months! You had cereal for the first time this morning and you loved it. We can't wait for the many milestones to come. Merry First Christmas. YOU are the best present we could have ever asked for. We love you, sweet boy!

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