Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow! Really?

It really happened! We got SNOW! It has not snowed here in Augusta in forever. We got 8 1/2 inches on Friday. How exciting! I got out of work early, picked Hudson up, and headed home just as it started to snow. Hudson and I watched from inside as it accumulated. Dave even got off a little early.
When Dave got home, we bundled Hudson up, and ran out for some quick pictures. I was not feeling well at this point. I think that I had a case of food poisoning. It was no fun! I spent the evening locked up in my bedroom while Dave kept Hudson in the other part of the house. Mom came and picked Hudson up on Saturday morning and kept him for the day. Late that afternoon I started feeling better. Needless to say...I will NEVER eat at Zaxby's again! EVER!
So, for the "Great Snow of 2010", I was locked in the bedroom puking. Boo! At least we got a few pictures of Hudson in the snow. Dave took my camera out and took some pictures too. He took such good care of Hudson and me. We are so lucky to have such a good daddy.
Here's my favorite shot. I snapped this at Jennifer's house when I went to pick him up after work. It had just started snowing and he was so cute as he felt it on his face. I have such a happy baby.

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