Monday, March 22, 2010

Dr. Donahoe Visit and Kidney Update

Hudson makes me proud everyday, but today I must say that I was super-duper proud of him. We went to CMCG for his checkup with Dr. Donahoe (ped. urologist) and for more tests on his kidney. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and words of encouragement. It comforts us to know that Hudson is being lifted up in prayer.
His ultrasound went well, then we had to wait for Dr. D to review the images. He met with us, examined Hudson, and asked lots of questions. He said that the images show no change. This is good in the fact that his kidney function is stable. He's still refluxing urine, and the blockage is still in the ureter. Today was the first time that Dr. D was really optimistic about the possibility of Hudson NOT requiring surgery. It's a long shot, but he did say that it's possible. He could outgrow his reflux and the blockage could work itself out. SO...that's what we are praying for now...a small miracle so that Hudson may not have to have surgery. He was really pleased at how healthy Hudson is and how well he's growing. His kidney is growing really well too, and that's a blessing! After the meeting with Dr. D, they had to draw blood to test his kreatinin levels (to make sure his kidney is properly filtering out the toxins) and other things that I can't remember. (kreatinin levels are most important and critical at this point) As long as the levels are good, it buys us more time to wait. Waiting is what we need to do. We also have to wait for his bladder to grow. If he has to have surgery, his bladder needs to be bigger, so waiting gives it more time to grow. As long as his levels remain good, and his ultrasound images show no change for the worse, Dr. D will do another VCUG test on his kidney after he's one to find out how much/if he's still refluxing urine and if the blockage is still there. If so, he will have to have a ureter reimplantation. Anyways, back to the blood tests...Nurse Debbie (who LOVES Hudson) came in to take his blood. She hates doing it because it's always dramatic and he cries. Today, she stuck him, he furrowed his brow, then looked at her and chuckled. He laughed! It was so cute and sad at the same time. Is my baby so used to being stuck that it does not even bother him anymore? Nurse Debbie said that she has never had a patient young or old laugh at her when she drew their blood.
We were pleased with the news from today's visit, and still have not heard from Dr. D. If he doesn't call, that's good means good levels from the blood tests. We go back to repeat the tests again in June. We are so thankful to have such a great Dr., and great nurses who love Hudson and want the best for him.
Dave and I say it to each other all time, but I must brag on my sweet boy, He's so good! He really is a good baby and I am so blessed to be his mom. He has the sweetest spirit and is ALWAYS happy. He rarely cries, and will make anyone smile. Here's a picture of him as we were leaving the hospital. He's saying "Hey, look at my Bugs Bunny band-aid I got from Nurse Debbie! I'm gonna eat it as soon as mommy isn't looking because I put everything in my mouth now." Thanks again for all of the prayers, encouragement, and calls about his appointment today.

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