Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 Months!

DOUBLE DIGITS! Can't believe my baby is becoming a toddler right before my eyes. He continues to do new things daily and makes my heart melt all the time. The big thing this month is that Hudson has not had a bottle in 3 weeks, and only has his pacifier SOMETIMES during nap. (That will be gone soon too) I thought the bottle would be difficult to take, but my little man did wonderfully. He has his formula in his sippy cup. He's eating all kinds of table food. He still eats some baby food, but mostly just eats whatever we are having. He loves fresh fruits and veggies cut up. It's so nice for him to be eating real food, and so much easier too. Another big thing this month is that he's soooo close to walking. He cruises the furniture, walls, etc, very fast and lets go and stands by himself. He can stand up from a sitting position, and walks if you hold his hands. He pushes his little walking toy thingy like a pro. He prefers to be up and cruises from place to place instead of crawling now. His vocabulary is growing, and I can really tell that he understands a lot more of what you are saying to him. If you say "come here", he comes with a smile. He puckers up now and makes the cutest little kissy sound when you ask for a kiss. I love these kisses even tough I do miss the open mouthed slobbery ones. When you ask him if he's tired, he crunches up his nose and breathes really fast like he's out of breath (like a dog panting). It's so cute. He has 3 teeth on the bottom and 4 (yes FOUR!) coming in on top. He's been such a champ with teething and has not let it bother him a bit. He continues to amaze me every day, and I am LOVING being home with him this summer. We are headed to the beach, so I probably won't post until next week. Don't worry, I'll be sure to get some pictures to share while we are on vacation. Can't wait to get this boy in the sand!

I'll leave you with my little stud...

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  1. Ahh! These babies are growing too fast!! Have fun at the beach!