Monday, July 5, 2010

Little Traveler

Whew! We are finally back home and plan to stay here for awhile. Our beach trip was wonderful. Hudson had a blast! I must admit that taking a baby did bring challenges, but it was totally worth it. We love Hilton Head, and are excited for our boy to love it too.
When we got home from the beach, we turned around a few days later and left for Alabama. It was so good to see family and friends. I knew this boy would love the fireworks, and I was right. (He likes loud things.) He had a good time playing with Ella too. He did such a good job traveling on both trips, even the 5+ hour Alabama trip.
Here are some pictures of our trips. They are out of order, so I apologize for that. The first one cracks me up. This is how Hudson watched the whole fireworks show.

Ella and Hudson waiting on the fireworks to start.Ella and me. She's such a big girl.
The kiddos before we left to go watch the fireworks
Holly with Ella and Hudson
Action shot...
At the Prattville Parade

Waiting on the parade to start

In the pool at the beach.

Watching the turtles from the dock at the condo
One of our favorite places to eat at the beach...and of course we love the name too.

My handsome little man.

I love them!


  1. Looks like y'all had a great 4th. My baby girl GG is just about a month older than Hudson. We also live in the South. Glad I found your blog. I'll be back again!

  2. I just love the picture of him in the pool. Sooo cute!