Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and 15 months update

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are thankful for many things on this day, but having a healthy boy tops the list.

We are having such a wonderful time with our family in Alabama. Hudson and Ella are enjoying being together. He really likes playing with all of her "big kid" toys.

Hudson is 15 months old today. WOW! 15 MONTHS!
Dear Huddy Buddy,

We are still trucking along on this journey, and learning everyday. You amaze me at how smart you are and how you change daily. You are becoming such a wonderful little boy. It seems like you've gotten a lot taller this month. You're losing the baby fat and have slimmed up so much because you never stop. You are constantly running around. You are into everything. I mean EVERYTHING!!! You call your dad "Dave" sometimes, and you call me "Baby" at times. I guess that's what you hear us call each other. You have even started calling Nana "Meme", but you still call her "Nana" sometimes, so who knows what her name will be? Nothing gets by you. You mimic everything we do. Some of your new words this month are: "shoes", "socks", "eyes", "Bubba", "Granddaddy", "Papa", "Jake", "Go Dawgs", and "cup" (among others). You look at us and matter-of-factly jibber off what's on your mind. When you want something to eat or drink, or if we ask you if you are thirsty, you go to the kitchen and sit down on the rug. We don't let you walk around with your cup.

You love dogs right now. You like to read books about them, look and point at them, sing about them, and talk about them. When you are asked what a dog says, you make a barking cute!

You are still wearing mostly 18 months clothes, and size 6W shoes. You're in size 5 or 6 diapers. We are having to get your hair cut about every 3 weeks, but you really could use a haircut every 2 weeks. You are a total "Daddy's boy". You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your daddy.

Your favorite foods are still cheese, pancakes, mandarin oranges, chicken, and green beans. You really love black eyed peas too, and lima beans. You drink whole milk and water. You got another tooth (upper molar) this month. Now you have 10, and you have two molars on the right side that I can see just below the gums. You like to show off by "jumping" (lifting one foot up in the air). You can step up and down the one step to get inside/outside.

You love watching Barney and Seseme Street. You will climb up in my lab and sit there to watch your favorite show. I love cuddling with you.

You are growing so fast. I got your album of all your professional pictures of your first year from Haley Lamb. It made me cry to see how little you were and watch you grow and change so quickly in each photo.

Even though I miss my little baby, this stage is SO MUCH FUN. I may have to keep my running shoes on, but I wouldn't change a thing.

Thank you for being so precious, entertaining, wonderful, handsome, and lovable. I love you more than words and can't wait to see you continue to grow.
I love this most beautiful profile on the planet!
*taken by Amber Herlocker Photography


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