Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring Fever

This past weekend brought some pretty fabulous weather. We took full advantage of it and went to the park on Saturday AND Sunday. We couldn't resist after the long, cold, rainy, icy Winter that we've had. Let's just hope that old groundhog was right. BRING ON SPRING!!!

SO TIRED of playing inside
so we head to the park to have a picnic lunch, then he's off before we can catch him

meeting new furry friends

running across the amphitheater 493 times
Hey there, Speedy Gonzalez!

Hudson's Valentines Day surprise....He's been checking this potty seat out every time we go into Target. "FROG, FROG, FROG!!!"

He loved it, and didn't want to get off. I hope this is a good indicator of how potty training will be.

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