Monday, February 21, 2011

A Year and A Half

Oh, Buddy Boy, how are you already this old? "18 months" sounds so old. You are definitely not a baby anymore because you are SO independent and want to do EVERYTHING yourself. You are always going to be my baby, though.
That spunky personality keeps us on our toes and you are so much fun! The weather has been warming up, so we have been able to get outside to the park a lot recently. You just run, climb, tumble, and slide with all the big kids. You love being outside. You also love playing with any kind of ball. Most of the time you are carrying a ball around with you, and even when you are just relaxing or watching one of your shows, you are holding a ball most of the time. If you see anything that is spherical shaped, it's a "ball" and you want it. You also love playing with your cars and trucks. It's amazing how little boys are just "hard wired" to like those things.
You still love Barney and Elmo and you're really getting into Thomas the tank engine. You call it "choo-choo". You are really into learning about animals right now too. You can name many different ones, and love to look at your books that have all of the animal pictures in them. We read "Animals" over and over. You never get tired of it. We can ask you "where's the lion, pig, penguin, dolphin, etc?... and you turn to the right page. You love going through and naming them all yourself and making their sounds.
You are still big on dancing and get excited when someone tells you to dance. You take it so seriously and even spread your legs out and "get low". It's hilarious to watch you break it down.
Blueberries are your favorite fruit right now, and you want "blues" at every meal. You still love cheese, and have recently really started to like chicken and eat more of it. You like spinach, but any other green veggies are hard to get in you.
You are wearing 24 months, and I am buying you some things in 2t for the Spring/Summer. Size 6 1/2 wide shoes, and size 5/6 diapers depending on the brand.
You are always talking and starting to say more phrases. Here are some of this month's new words: cake, fruit, on, mam, help, bus, giraffe-"jaff", hello, bed, monkey-"monk-monk", pig, Ila(your friend), Barney- "Arnie", lion, Sara (our friend's little girl, Sara Jane), diaper, Jennifer-"jin-ja", It's cold, outside, Holly, park, drink, play, flower, day, dolphin, boat, kick, penguin, tree, blueberry-"blues", colors, elephant-"el-e", Ernie, balloon, phone, toothbrush, Ella, brush, moon, teeth, All done., hot dog, off, these, poop, turtle, pee-pee, phone, Mickey Mouse, phone, and remote.
You cover your mouth when you cough, and if anyone else coughs, you want to cover their mouth too. When you need a diaper change, you grab your diaper and say "pee-pee" or "poop". You know the colors- red, blue, and yellow, and the letters- E, O, H, A, and P, and numbers 1-5.
I think it's pretty safe to say that you are officially in the "terrible twos". We are working very hard to make them "terrific twos" instead. You have gotten better about listening at times, but you still have your moments when you throw tantrums. I can tell that you are learning that there are consequences for your actions, and I am so glad about that.
You got a potty chair for Valentines day, and you like to sit on it. You pee-peed a tiny bit in it one night right after you peed all over the floor right beside it. We will work on potty training this summer, but I just wanted you to be exposed to it and be familiar with what the potty chair is for.
You go for your 18 month well visit with Dr. Nesbit on Monday, so I will post your stats afterwards, and you have 18 month pictures with our Haley on Saturday. I can't wait!
You are still nothing less than a joy to us, and we love watching you grow. Even though it's bittersweet to watch you change so fast, I am enjoying each stage that you go through. I am so happy that God chose me to be your mom.

I love you!


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