Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Patience is a virtue

and mine sure was tested today! I'll rewind to 1:17am this morning. Hudson wakes up crying, we realize that he has fever, and he never really goes back to sleep for more than an hour at a time. My mom meets me at Dr. Nesbit's office this afternoon with him, and our suspicions are confirmed-Hudson's second ear infection. Hud and I head to the pharmacy to pick up his antibiotic, and over an hour and a half later I am still standing there waiting. The insurance company wouldn't approve the dosage that Dr. N prescribed. Of course by this point it was after office hours and the doc office was closed. The Dr. on call was paged three times and finally after almost an hour she called the pharmacist back. She didn't want to change Dr. N's prescription due to Hudson's kidney issues. She called Dr. N on his cell, and he called the pharmacy and straightened everything out in just a few minutes. By this point Hudson and I had already walked around the whole store twice, he'd had 2 meltdowns, eaten a sucker (which he never gets) from our sweet pharmacists, and my mom has stopped by on her way home to pick him up while I continued to wait. I was so glad to finally get out of there. I must say that I love our pharmacist. She is so sweet and knows my family's needs so well. When I was pregnant, having to take all of my injections, and all the other meds, she was so wonderful, and helpful. She's been great with Hudson and all of his prescription needs too. I hope that my sweet boy gets to feeling better and gets back to his old self soon.

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