Wednesday, March 23, 2011

19 month update (a day early) and Kidney appointment update

Hudson got another good report today from Dr. Donohoe. If you follow my blog, you will remember his last appointment in December showed that he was not refluxing ANY urine. You can read about that here.
Today they did another ultrasound, which he hated, and I don't even want to talk about how awful it was holding him down. We met with Doc afterwards and he was really pleased with how healthy Hud is and how well he continues to grow. His kidney is growing well too, and the inside of the kidney (for lack of the proper term) is not as dialated since he's not refluxing. This is good, and we pray that this awesome progress continues. I thank the Lord for taking care of my sweet boy. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Monthly Update:
age- 19 months

weight- 28lbs 4ozs (today at doc. appt)

Size- clothes- 24 months/2T, shoes- 7 wide

Foods- still pretty picky about veggies, but will eat them sometimes. LOVES to eat corn on the cob. This boy can clean a cob in no time.

Teeth- 17- It seems like there are more coming in on both sides in the back the way he puts his fingers back there and chews.

Favorite music- ALL- The boy LOVES to dance, and has some serious rhythm. He's always dancing in the car seat, high chair, walking around, in his crib, today at the doc. office, etc, etc

Favorite video- Barney is still his fave, but he also loves ELmo, Curious George, and Thomas

New Vocabulary- repeats EVERYTHING, These are just a small sample of new words and phrases this month. He's saying so much everyday that I can't keep track... hoe (Dr. Donohoe), straw, oink, home, whoa, There it is., Peyton, tiger, flamingo, mine, dinosaur, panda, lizard, arm, leg, belly, empty, up there, bubbles, feel-feel (his lovey), amen, tractor, bunny, I don't know., noodle, sticky, airplane, croc's, Clifford, Hold on., man, Chick-fil-A, owl, kite, BJ, towel, truck, movie, nice, kiss, phone, lion, thumb, potty, apple, Lynda, LD, Holly, Josh, toot, teeth, face, hug, pear, back, green, red, yellow, blue, white, purple, orange, beeds, beans, Yee-Haw, train, thanks, do, drink, snack, jacket, shirt, pants, arm, leg, drawer, May (our cat Macie), Chip (our cat Chipper), bite, why, go, Scout, outside, butterfly, round-and-round, flower, boat

News and Updates- Hudson enjoys playing outside more than anything, and always wants to play with some sort of ball. His Papa taught him how to throw a ball the correct way, and he's not too bad for a 1 year old. He likes his golf set, and somehow has the concept of chasing the little white ball around with his club. With a little more practice, a few more years, and some fine tuning of his skills, he'll be ready for the Masters in no time. I stumbled across a great find at a local consignment sale a few weeks ago. I found a Little Tykes work bench with lots of tools included ( for only $7!!). My intentions were to put it out on the patio for Hud to play with, but it hasn't made it out of our living room yet! He loves "working" on his stuff. He also loves climbing on it, as well as everything else in the house. The child is part monkey. He's at the stage where he's super independent, and does not want any help. He wants to take his clothes out of the drawer, wipe his hands/face/nose, climb in his highchair, get out of his carseat/highchair, take his cup out of the fridge, and feed himself with no help from mom or dad. He's growing up so fast. He's finally folding his hands and bowing his head for the blessing, and instead of saying "horray" when everyone else says "amen", he's saying amen too.
He's still doing a good job learning his letters and is becoming more aware of print in the environment, not just in books or on the side of the tub at bathtime with foam letters. When he sees writing on our t-shirts, a bag, sign, etc, he will come up, point to the letters and name them.

He's ALL BOY, and keeps us on our toes all the time. There is never a dull moment, but I wouldn't change it for anything. When time out is mentioned, or if you ask him "Do you need to go to time out?", he will say "no", and most of the time just the mention of it will redirect his behavior.

I am really enjoying the stage that he's in now. I can't wait for this summer when I get to be off with him. We are going to have so much fun swimming, and having lunch dates and play dates. Only 7 more weeks! Yay!

They are trying to catch a lizard. Aren't they so cute? I am so thankful that he gets to have so much fun while I'm at work.
My handsome big boy. I love him.

See? I told you he was part monkey!

The last three are from his 18 month photo session with Haley. I'll post more of those later. They are fabulous!

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  1. Aw, what good news! (And he's so handsome!)

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