Monday, December 20, 2010

We've waited so long to hear these words.

For the past 21 months we have known that Hudson had a serious problem with his renal function. It was monitored weekly when I was pregnant, and ever since he's been born.
I remember a while back sitting in the lobby at Doc. Donohoe's office and over hearing a mother who was also waiting with her son. The little boy was about 2, and the mom was on the phone. She had just finished in radiology with her son and was waiting to meet with the doctor just like us every time we've gone. She was elated with the news she had just received that her son was no longer refluxing urine. An amazingly happy feeling came over me because that made it real that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to be that mama receiving the good news.
I know it sounds really crazy to the average person, but so much rides on your kidneys working properly. Reflux is not good and must be corrected if it does not go away on it's own by the time a child is around one year. We approached each of Hudson's appointments with the same hope and anticipation..."Maybe the reflux has downgraded, or maybe it's even starting to take care of itself and go away."
I remember longing to have that same news to spread about Hudson. I knew we had a long road ahead, and for a minute I think I even felt a bit jealous. I wanted MY baby to have a good report from radiology. I wanted to hear those words....."He's not refluxing ANY urine!". At this time he was refluxing at a grade 4 out of 5. We have had to remind ourselves all along this journey that this was no accident. Hudson was fearfully and WONDERFULLY made. This was all God's plan.
Today, Dave and I got the best Christmas present we could have ever hoped for. We finally got to hear those words that we have wanted to hear for over a year now. As we finished with the VCUG test (which was pretty AWFUL), the doctor that was doing the test turned to Dave and said "I don't see any reflux." I looked at Dave and said "WHAT did he just say?". He repeated himself and it was all I could do to contain my self from jumping up and down and screaming at the top of my lungs. Dave was crying, and I was trying not to cry. BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!
What a blessing! After the test, we met with Doc, and he was very pleased too. He wants to just monitor now, so we go back in 3 months for an ultrasound. We even get to discontinue the antibiotic when he finishes the bottle that we are currently on. It will be so strange to not give him medicine everyday. He's had his daily dose since the day he was born. Hudson gave Doc a card, and he was so touched. He couldn't believe that we would "remember" him. Are you kidding me, Doc? Your hands saved my baby! You will be on my Christmas card list forever and ever. There is nothing that I could do to thank you for that.
I want to thank all of you too. Your prayers through this whole journey have really been felt and have been so encouraging. God is good and we are so grateful that he chose US to be Hudson's parents. Hud will always have hydronephrosis in his one kidney, (enlarged kidney) but his prognosis is great! You only need one kidney.


  1. HOORAY! Congratulations to your family! What a wonderful Christmas gift :-)

  2. That's great news! I can relate to how you are feeling. My daughter also has hydronephrosis in one of her kidneys. They checked for reflux- yes..the VCUG is awful! Thankfully, she didn't have any. We still get her ultrasounds every few months to watch her kidney; so far no change and we, like you guys, are hoping for the day they say it's corrected itself.

  3. Thank you so much Unlikely Origins!

    Myn and Lu- I will keep your daughter in my prayers, and feel sure that you will be hearing those words soon. That's great news that your daughter isn't refluxing. Hudson only has one kidney, so that reflux made things so much more complicated. We are so grateful for his doctors and his surgical team. Hang in there, and have a VERY MERRY Christmas!!!!