Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Spirit

There's no doubt that Christmas has come in full force. Before Halloween, many of the stores already had Christmas goodies stocked on the shelves. This time of year comes and goes so quickly. I wish there were more time to just sit back and enjoy it. I want more nights to enjoy our Christmas tree, and more time to just think about why this time of year is actually a celebration instead of the commercialism that it's turned into. I want more time to spend with friends and family and less time worrying about what presents I still need to buy and what I need to prepare for this party or that party.
Back at the beginning of November, we bought Hudson the Fisher Price"Little People" Nativity set. It's my most favorite toy yet! It has the manger, Mary and Joseph, Baby Jesus, 3 Kings, and the animals. He loves it and it's a wonderful way for us to begin teaching the TRUE Christmas story to our son. Although he will say "Jeesh" for Jesus, his favorite character is the sheep. When we ask him what the sheep says, he gets a kick out of saying "BAAAAA" with a big smile.

This morning our church had a beautiful Christmas musical. It was great to just sit back and get to enjoy the sounds and the Christmas message.
Even though it's coming quickly and will be gone before we blink, enjoy this special time of year. Remember the real reason for this season.

Here's a few recent pictures of Hudson (and Claire) this Christmas.

Trying to stay warm inside Nana's car before the parade last weekend. It was FREEZING!
Two little monkeys un-decorating the tree I love this precious boy!
Mom took him to get these made last week as a surprise for Dave and I. We love them!
This one cracks me up because I know what he was thinking.... He wanted those cookies BAD! Mom said he tried to take the whole plate out of "Santa's" hand.

I love that sweet little smile.

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