Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Miller (and a prayer request)

Congrats to Aliceson and Brian! We traveled to North Carolina this weekend for their wedding. It was a beautiful "Winter Wonderland" theme. They even had snow all day on their wedding day...Perfect!
Hudson had so much fun at the reception. He talked to everyone, enjoyed his dinner, and had lots of people laughing most of the night. He's definitely a people person and loves to talk to everyone. He made lots of friends, and had several girls chasing him. The boy can DANCE!!! He broke it down on the dance floor. We had a hard time getting him to leave.
This was the first wedding event that we've taken him to, and I must say that he did very well. It's a lot more work of course, but was worth it.

Prayer request... Hudson has to go back to CMC tomorrow for a VCUG test to check up on his bladder, kidney, and ureter since the surgery. Please pray for NO REFLUX and NO OBSTRUCTIONS. Since his ureter was tapered, the reflux should have down graded or hopefully will be gone.
Also, please pray that he will not be uncomfortable for long and that it will not be too painful.

The "Winter Wonderland" cake

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Miller

This is little Maggie. She was a precious little flower girl who loved her some Hudson. She chased him all around and he loved it. She would catch him every now and then and grab him. She wanted him to dance with her so bad.

The "older women" were after him. They were so cute.

Hudson with Nana

Hudson with Papa

Here's a little clip of him breaking it down.

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  1. He looks so adorable. At least he had a lot choices as to who he could dance with.