Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing, and we are enjoying every second of it. Sleeping in, swimming, playing with great friends, going out to lunch, playing in the sprinkler, napping, and going to story time with friends at the library are just some of the things that we are spending our time doing. The summer goes by too fast and I want to enjoy Hudson and this stage that he's in as much as possible.

These two are so happy just being together. They are so much fun and I have really enjoyed being with them together. Jumping in the inflatable is always fun!

Creating masterpieces...

...with this wonderful paint that is so easy and convient and mostly mess-free.

It's a clear gel that only turns colors on the "special" paper that it comes with.

Swimming is so fun and makes us sleep oh so good!

We hope that you all are enjoying the summer too!

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  1. Too cool and rainy for summer here yet. Wow he looks like a good swimmer already!