Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fabulous Fall Weekend

The temperatures this weekend have been AMAZING! At times, it's even been a little chilly outside. We headed to Harrison's soccer game on Saturday morning. 4 yr. old soccer is hilarious, but there are some serious kiddos out there. It was pretty impossible to keep my little guy off the field. He wanted to get out there and play "soccer ball" with them so bad. He did run out several times to which Dave and I had to dart out and grab him quickly. I'm going to try to find a program that will take 3 yr. olds next year. Harrison (in the middle) warming up at half time.

Hudson had fun playing on the sidelines, but he really wanted to get in on all the action on the field.

I LOVE that we got to wear hoodies this weekend!

I'm not real sure what he was doing, but the center of the field had a big "G"' for Georgia. Clearly the staff that prepared this field were smart. GO DAWGS!!!

It was the perfect weather for chili and hot dogs, and these two cleaned their plates. It was delicious! Aren't they adorable in their GA garb? At 2 years old they already bleed red and black and "love those bulldogs". You should hear them doing the GA chant! SMART KIDS!

I love this series of photos. They are so fun.

This morning Hudson went with my parents to take my bro to the airport. He saw the planes and loved it. We are proud of Lee as he is off to start his career.

Hopefully the Fall weather is here to stay for awhile. We look forward to trips to the pumpkin patch and dairy farm, trick-or-treating, football weekends, and more time outside without melting. I hope that you guys have had a great weekend too! I wish they were longer.

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