Friday, September 30, 2011


Tomorrow? Really? ALREADY? This month has flown by. I'm not complaining. No way! I'm welcoming the cooler Fall weather with open arms. School has been back in session now for two full months. We are 1/4 of the way through the school year. Wow!

I didn't do a monthly post this month for Hudson's 25th month. I think I will just do little updates here and there, but not on a certain schedule. He's doing great, and had a good kidney check up last week. He cracks us up and amazes us at the same time each day with the things that he says. Yesterday I was in Target with him, and as I looked at a pair of boots there were a cute pair of baby girl shoes that someone had placed on the shelf beside the boots. I picked them up and said "Aww, these are so cute." He looked at me and in a matter of fact voice said..."Mommy, I'm a BOY!". Today as my mom was about to bring him home she told him that she needed to get her keys, and he said to her, "Nana, I'll drive."

He put his own shorts on by himself the other day. This was the first time that he has done that. I had taken him to the potty, and he only had on underwear. He went and got the shorts and said "I put my shorts on." He's so independant, and does not want help with anything. He tells you exactly what he wants you to know. I noticed in the tub last night when he was getting a bath that his hair is starting to look darker. It got so blonde over the summer, but we've known that it would probably turn a little darker. He loves honey mustard and won't eat chicken without it. He will quickly ask you for some "honeyme mutard to dip my chickin in". I wonder where he gets that from? (I plead the fifth!)

The only pictures I have from the past few weeks are all phone pictures from my mom, so they are a little grainy. I hope you all have a great weekend. Enjoy Fall, football, family, friends, and good food.

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