Friday, October 7, 2011

What will YOU be for Halloween?

Anyone who has ever been around my little guy for 5 minutes knows that he LOVES sports, so it was a given that he would be some kind of sports player for Halloween. He chose to be a golfer, and is so excited about dressing in his hat and taking his clubs and his ball. He's so cute talking about what his friends are going to dress up as. In this video I had just asked him "What is Ila going to be for Halloween?" He also says that Claire is going to be a "tall queen" (Hud and Claire came up with this on their own. She's really not going to be a "tall queen".), and Ella is going to be "Mickey Mouse" (she isn't, but in his mind that's what he thinks). Sorry it's sideways, and our voices are distorted.

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