Sunday, October 23, 2011

Elmo loves his goldfish...his crayons (and pumpkin) too...

On Saturday we headed back to the pumpkin patch with Ila Jane. Hudson had so much fun there last weekend, so we decided to go back. This particular one is at a church, and all of their profit from pumpkin sales goes towards missions. I can't think of a better place to purchase our pumpkins.

We chose a few for carving, then headed across the street to the Columbia County Library's Fall Festival. We got there soon after they opened and it wasn't too crowded yet. We did not have to wait long for the kids to ride the rides. This was the first time Hudson has ever been on "rides", so I was a little nervous, but he really enjoyed them.

I love this picture of him and Dave. I bet they were talking about riding the ponies. That's what he really wanted to do and was very excited to get on one.

He chose the biggest one to ride this time, and was so happy. He's still talking about riding the ponies.

Here they are on the little train. Hudson was getting tired at this point. Can't you tell?

We went home and H had a nap, then we headed over to Erin and Jarvis' house to carve pumpkins and have dinner. Hud and Ila had so much fun playing outside. They came in to "check on the pumpkins" every so often.

Here's the final products. Hudson chose Elmo a few days prior to us carving and would never change his mind, so Elmo it was. Jarvis did the GA one, and Erin did the silly face. I think they turned out cute.

After dinner, we let the kids "make cookies". They loved these little pumpkin ones, and they were perfect and easy (and tasty too).

Today after church we stopped by a local gift shop that was having their holiday open house. Santa was there, and you could bring your own camera and take pictures. As you can tell, my little guy does not like Santa any more this year than he did last. Oh well.

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  1. It all looks like so much fun! Look at that face with Santa. LOL