Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dairy Farm and another DAWGS WIN!

We are fortunate to have Steed's Dairy Farm very close to our home. It's a functioning dairy farm that has a corn maize, and LOTS of fun stuff for little kids. It's very clean, and we loved going last year which was the first year that it was open. We planned out trip weeks ago with friends and have been very excited about it since. The weather was perfect for a Fall day. Hudson had a great time with Ila and Ellie. We plan to go back soon.
The goats in the petting zoo like to get up close and personal.
They love each other, and needed to stop for a quick hug.

At the chicken coop. You should have heard all of their chicken sound effects! Too funny!

He found the pumpkin that he liked.

They were trying to figure out how to milk this cow. I love how determined and concentrated they are.

Can you tell how happy they are to be on the pony ride?
See? SO excited!!!


I love these next few pictures. We were doing everything to try to get all three of them to sit AND look at the same time. How funny are these?

high up on top of the sand mountain...

This make me laugh.

He wanted to go down the big slide over and over.
rubber ducky races!

playing in the corn box...

on the hay ride out to see the cows....

The zip line was lots of fun.

Look at those cowgirls and the cowboy.

driving the old tractor...
again, trying to get them all to look at the camera at the same time

impossible to get a picture of all 4 of them..We were feeding the 2 yr. olds skittles in order to get them to sit still, but they were so tired at this point.

The day at the farm was lots of fun, and Saturday night was great too. Georgia played Tennessee AT Tenn, and we won. It was a great game (for the most part), and even greater that we beat them on the road. We love our Bulldogs and are so glad they are playing so well.


Have a great week!

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