Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and 27 months

We had a great Thanksgiving break this year. We went to visit my family in Alabama, and my aunt cooked a delicious meal. It was great to be with all of our family. (We missed you, Lee) I'm so glad we had the whole week off and were able to spend some time there instead of making our usual quick trip.

Ella and Hudson have so much fun together. He loves being with her and playing. They even fight like brother and sister.

We went to Bass Pro Shop where they have the Santa's Wonderland. It is so awesome with lots of fun stuff for the kids including free 5x7 photos with Santa (and a pretty background), and crafts for them to make.
Someone refused to smile.

He found what he wants for Christmas!

It was really warm the first few days we were there, and then it got really cold. These two are so silly, but had fun having slumber parties and watching movies at night.

Thanksgiving day with the little turkeys...

I'll give you three guesses as to who was NOT in the mood for pictures.....

...but luckily we were able to catch a smile.

having fun jumping in the sunshine

My big boy is 27 months old. Didn't we JUST celebrate his 2nd birthday like last week? Here are some updates...

  • he can count to 13 by himself, and to 20 with a little help

  • he knows his colors

  • he is VERY inquizative and asks about everything you say, he sees, you do, etc

  • he carries on a conversation like a big kid

  • he does not like for his hands to be dirty, and MUST have a napkin while eating

  • he likes to sing his blessing before we eat

  • he LOVES the Georgia Bulldogs, (of course, who wouldn't?) and his friend Ila taught him the cheer "when I say Georgia, you say Bulldogs"...we do it all. day. long!!

  • for his birthday he got a plasma car, and he's really gotten into it in the past month or so. he rides it all over the house and requests to take it with us everywhere we go. Claire also has one, so they ride them daily on their walks around the neighborhood.

  • the boy loves his trucks, Tow Mater, and Lightning McQueen

  • he still loves playing ball and can even hit the ball without the tee

  • he also got a sleeping bag for his birthday and he will sleep in in anywhere. he takes his daily nap in it, and will tell you when he's ready to go "night night in my sleeping bag"

  • he's been enjoying looking at all the Christmas toy catalogs that have been coming in the mail. he will say "that's me" or "that's Hudson" when he sees little boys pictured in the catalogs playing with things that he likes

  • he weighs 34 lbs, and is a little under 3 ft tall

  • still wearing 2/3t clothing

I love this picture that my friend Laura (The Freckled Spot Photography) took of him. I think he looks so grown up.

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  1. He does look grown up. It sounds like y'all had a great time in Alabama. Looking forward to seeing you at work tomorrow!