Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In The Spirit

Even though it's not even December, Hudson is getting into the Christmas spirit. He is at such an impressionable age this year, and is SO much fun. He's into the decorations, the Christmas movies, and the songs. We want to make sure that he knows the real meaning of Christmas. I'm so thankful for such great resources that help teach him all about the true Christmas story.
We pulled all the Christmas books off the bookshelf, and have been reading them.
This is his favorite one. He really likes all of the animals in it, and tells us all about how "Baby Jesus was born around all the animals."

He was so excited when I brought his little nativity out a few weeks ago. He loves playing with it, and tells us that Mary is Baby Jesus' mommy and Joseph is his daddy.

He was so excited about decorating his little tree in his room. He helped me decorate our big Georgia tree too.
We let him pick out his yearly ornament this year at the craft show, and of course he picked a baseball. He loves looking at all of his ornaments.

This Christmas is already so much fun. I love that Hudson is so excited and involved.

Here's a video of Huddy Buddy singing his blessing.

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