Monday, December 5, 2011

Passed Over Babes

Reeces Rainbow is a WONDERFUL organization that seeks to help precious treasures that were born with an extra chromosome find their families. Each year they do an Angle Tree with a goal of helping these children's adoption accounts grow. These kids are waiting on families, and money is usually a huge obstacle in a family's decision to commit to adoption. I'm asking you to take a look at these little faces on Julia's blog. These are the faces that have been on the Reeces Rainbow Angel Tree the longest. Don't let the unflattering pictures fool you. These sweet faces deserve to be loved. They deserve to have a family.
Would you please consider donating $5 to a few of these kids this Christmas?
Would you?
I've made my donations. Would you please make a few?
What a great gift to a friend or family member....a donation in their name.
Please visit Julia's blog to find out more information.


  1. I visit this site. For Codie and I too have another child like Jack would be a dream come true.It is a gift and a privledge to raise these kids and see the world through their eyes. It is so unfortunate that it costs anything to adopt, yet it does and ALOT, you are right it is a huge obstacle.