Wednesday, December 21, 2011

monthly update

Dear Hudson,
I know I said that I was not going to do updates on a monthly schedule anymore, but there's just so much that I want to remember, and if I don't document I know I will forget. You will be 28 months old on Christmas day, and I know we will be busy then so I'm going to blog your updates while I have a chance. We are having such a great Christmas break. It's awesome to be home with you and Daddy this week.
We did a little "photo shoot" after your bath tonight, but had to bribe you to get you away from "playing ball". You love playing any kind of ball. You also REALLY love your cars and trucks. You have tons of them and you know each one. You have one that's "Lee's truck", "Papa's truck", "Mommy's car", etc... You know every single kind of vehicle that we pass on the road or you see anywhere, and you're constantly yelling to us..."Mommy, did you see that cement truck?", "Hurry up Mommy and catch that dump truck!", etc. You are also a little back seat driver. If we break, you tell us to "be careful and don't have a wreck", and if we are going up/down a hill you have to announce that we are going up/down a "big" hill. You also yell the colors of the red light when we go under.

You tell us all the time that "this is my favorite" when you are playing with a certain car/truck, eating a certain food, etc. Your favorite thing to do right now is to go get ice cream with Papa. He's also your favorite person. You LOVE playing with him in his backyard with Jake and Peanut. You and Papa will play ball for hours.

Your eating habits have changed so much. You used to eat any and everything, but you are much more picky now and don't really eat a lot at all. You still love fruit though, and we have tricks to get your veggies in you.

You know all of your letters, shapes, and you've been able to say your birthday for a few months now. You even know Claire's birthday. You two are peas in a pod. Y'all are little smarty pants, and I cannot believe the stuff that you two know and can do. Nana is a good teacher.

You can tell about each person in the nativity scene and I think you understand a little bit about Jesus being born in the manger. You know that Mary was his mommy and Joseph was his daddy. The other day while raking leaves, you made a big nest and said it was Baby Jesus' bed and that Papa had to be Joseph and stand beside Baby Jesus.

Saying that you are independent would be an understatement unless of course it's on your terms. Your strong-willedness rivals your mother, but at least you get it honest and you certainly don't back down....we'll work on that! You're still very inquisitive and won't settle for simple answers. You want to know why, what, where, when, how, who, etc...

You woke up yesterday with what we thought was a nasty cold. This would be the first time that you've been sick since February. I'm now wondering if it's just your last 2 year molar coming in. You've had a runny nose for 1-2 days each time you've teethed and that has been the only symptom other than an occasional low grade temp. You never really fussed or gave any other indication that teeth were coming in except the runny nose for a few days. You are better today and your nose has not run since this morning, so I'm hoping you are not really sick.

I'm so proud of you, Huddy Buddy, and love spending this week and next with you. I'm so excited to see you on Christmas morning. Your rambunctiousness keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You are a true joy and we love you so much!



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