Saturday, February 25, 2012

2 and a half!

You are 2 1/2! For the past three months you have told people that you were "twoinahalfff" when they asked how old you were. Now it's finally true! WHOA! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by.
You are becoming quite a comical young man. Many times you have us cracking up with the funny things you say. I know that every mama thinks her little one is smart, and I am no exception. I actually did an assessment on you that we do on some of the students at my school from time to time. I was curious how you would score with your language development. You scored (receptive and expressive language development skills) on the level of a 3 year old 10 months. You are making all kinds of connections and surprise us daily with the things you know. Earlier this week, I was off work for President's Day and then a furlough day. We were coming home from the park and we passed an elementary school close to our house. You said "Mommy, there's nobody at that school today like you're not at your school either. You can eat lunch with me today, Mommy!"
When things get quiet, there very well could be trouble on the horizon. The other day we found you with an ink pen drawing all over the screen of our lap top. Just last night you got a hold of a tube of vaseline chap stick. You used the whole tube on your hands and face.
No chapped lips or cheeks for this kid...
Here's the rest of the tube...empty tube..You are such a fun kid, and even though you are super duper strong willed and independent, you can be so sweet too. You love your tucks and trains, Barney,and Chuggington. You are still wearing mostly sized 2t clothes, but are in some 3t things, and I'm buying all 3t for Spring and Summer. You wear a 9 1/2-10 shoe.You are all boy, and love being outside. You would stay outside all day if we let you. You have already been asking to go to the "swimming pool", and I cannot wait until it's time for pool weather. You will keep us on our toes at the pool this year. That's for sure.
I'm so proud of the little boy you have turned into. You are such a bright spot in our lives. We are blessed to be able to call you our son.
Love you so much,

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