Sunday, January 13, 2013

Still Here

Sorry for not posting lately.  We have had some amazing weather this weekend.  It's felt more like May with temps at 80 degrees instead of cold Winter weather.  We have enjoyed being outside this weekend, and we are back into our normal routines.  Hudson had a good first week back at preschool and had fun with Claire, Char, and Brant.  Here are some Instagram pics from this past week. 

I love these four so much.  It seems like Claire and Huddy should be the ones in the stroller.  Now, Char and Brant are growing so fast. 

There's nothing like a fairy tale wedding!  Here's Belle walking down the isle with her prince!
Belle dancing with her prince..
These two really think that they are going to take the golf car out for a little spin.  They asked mom to move her car out of the way so that they could go for a ride.

Having an ice cream date with your buds is so fun for these 3 year olds.  They enjoyed themselves so much. 
January is flying by.  I'm hoping for a little more cold weather and possibly a little snow, and then I'm ready for Spring. 

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