Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hudson Update

It's been quite awhile since I've posted an update on Huddy Buddy, and there are so many things that I never want to forget about this fun age/stage that he is in at this time.  He turns 3 1/2 this month, and I'll start with his stats. These were taken at home so they may not be exact.  He is 40 and 1/2 inches tall and 42 lbs.  He's wearing 3/4t clothing and his feet are huge!  We just bought new tennis shoes that he is so proud of because he picked them out, and they are size 12 1/2!!  I'm pretty sure that he will be in the men's shoe dept. by 2nd grade (or sooner!).  
Mac and cheese and PBJ's top his favorite food list, but the boy can eat his weight in little clementine fruits.  He will eat several in one sitting.  He also loves spaghetti, and his favorite thing to drink is still water.  
He LOVES monster trucks, and plays with them every single day.  That's his "thing" right now.  He can tell you everything about all 2 million of his monster truck toys, and if he misplaces one, he can describe it perfectly to explain which one he is looking for.  AAAHHHHH!!!!  He still enjoys playing with his trains and Lightning McQueen and friends too.  He's also great on his big bicycle, and loves to go for bike rides.
This kid is ALLLLLL BOY and still loves playing ball.  We "play" soccer, football, baseball, and golf on a daily basis.  He knows the rules of the games pretty well and cannot wait to get on the field for real.  We are hoping to get him signed up for "wee ball"  soon, and he even got his first pair of cleets a few weeks ago.  He is most proud of them, and they are adorable on him.  I love that he is so driven to be a "ball player", and takes it seriously when he is "playing".  I can't wait to see him on out on the field.  He loves for me to cheer him on, and I even have to practice jumping up and down as I cheer for him.  It puts the biggest grin on his face and my heart can't smile any bigger.  
There is a sensitive side to this big boy.  Sometimes he will get his feelings hurt or get upset about little things like the commercial that came on for the futurity the other day.  It showed a cowboy roping cattle, and he got upset with tears in his eyes because they were "hurting" the baby cow.  He did the same thing a few nights later as we were watching a show about sea turtles, and he saw how birds will grab some of the babies as they make their way to the ocean.  His lower lip was trembling and I could see the tears coming.  He's got such a sweet and caring side.  
Hudson really likes music, and it is adorable to watch and listen to him sing and perform little songs that he has learned in preschool and in Sunday school.  
This boy is super friendly.  He talks up a storm, and does not miss a thing.  He questions us constantly, and you must be ready to explain who, what, where, why, and how to every thing that you talk about or say.  Hudson waves and talks to every one when we are in the store.  We went to the mall recently for his first "Build-a-Bear" trip and he made so many friends in the mall as he walked through and talked to random people.  He cracks me up.  His vocabulary and language development is great.
We have a major backseat driver on our hands.  He watches the road carefully, and does not hesitate to let us know that we need to slow down, be careful, go faster, stop, or watch out for something.  Even if we are a good ways away from a light, he spots it and tells us what we need to do (stop, slow down, hurry up).  Whenever a vehicle passes us on the road, he will say "you better hurry up, Mama because that car is beating us".  If he sees cars up ahead breaking, he will announce that "we need to be careful because they might be having a wreck".  
Hudson really enjoys his preschool and we all love his teacher.  We are blessed to have the best teacher we could have ever asked for.  He has learned so much this year.  He knows all of his letters and most of his sounds.  We are still working on a few of those, but he has shapes, colors, most numbers, positional words, and many other things mastered.  I had a conference with his teacher last week, and could not have been more proud of my sweet boy.  He is growing so much in all areas.  
When he started preschool back in August, there were several things that I worried about such as him using the restroom independently (he's been potty trained for a year, but I still helped him with his pants and hand washing), frequent illnesses, adjusting to school for the first time, etc...  I'm so proud to say that none of these worries have been issues at all.  God placed Hudson in the exact place with the exact teacher he was supposed to have and he has flourished.  I am so thankful.
I know that we have always been blessed that Hudson has always been a good sleeper, and his trend continues.  He still loves his nap, and puts himself down for a nap when he's tired.  Some may say that it's time for him to drop his nap, but I won't be pushing for that any time soon.  He still needs his rest, and does it without any problem.  
Claire and Hudson still complete each other and are best friends.  Their relationship is very special and I am thankful that they have each other.  He loves baby Charlotte and baby Brantley so much too.  It warms my heart to see how special they are to him and how he helps take care of them.  He enjoys staying with my mom, and his buddies when he's not at school two mornings a week.  He's registered for pre-k at the same school for next year.  This was so bitter sweet.  I can't believe my baby is old enough for pre-k.  
Most of all, I'm proud of this little boy.  He tells me that he's NOT a baby anymore, but I explain to him that he will always be my baby.  I thank the good Lord daily for the blessing he is to our family.  

*photo credit to my sweet friend, Laura at The Freckled Spot Photography for the first 6 photos

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