Thursday, October 10, 2013

broken nose....twice

Hudson had been looking forward to being the ring bearer in Holly and Angel's wedding for months.  We were so excited for the weekend to finally come.  While I prayed that we all stayed well and healthy, I never expected my sweet boy to BREAK HIS NOSE a few days before we were set to head to Alabama!  As he was getting out of the bath tub, he slipped and caught all of his weight on his poor nose hitting the side of the tub.  It was an awful scream.  I was so sad for him.  He's a tough boy, and always blows off injuries.  Not this one.  When I lifted him off my shoulder to access the "damage", that poor nose was already swelling up and bleeding.  We did ice on and off for the first few days, but it continued to swell and turn blue for two days.  I didn't take any pictures for the first few days, but it wasn't pretty.  Here is the first picture that I have a few days after the accident.  You can see his right eye is a little swollen, and that crooked, swollen, blue nose.  It turned all shades from dark blue to bright green.  Luckily, the bruising didn't show up much in the pictures, and the swelling went down enough so that it wasn't too obvious.
Here he is at the wedding.  You can still see a little swelling and some bruising under his right eye. (It's really hard to tell in the pictures.)
It took over a week for his nose to start looking like "his nose" again.  I mentioned to Dave one night that the bruising was finally gone and he looked more like himself....that is until the next morning!!!

You can imagine the horror when THIS happened...
This tough guy had just finished his soccer game on Saturday morning when he was running around.  He hopped up onto the concrete sidewalk with his cleats on, and they slid at the same time he tried to turn around.  I saw him fall.  It happened so fast that he didn't have time to brace himself.  His face and NOSE bounced off the concrete.  That scream.  Ugh, It was so sad.  I hate to see him get hurt.  I know it hurt badly too, because that nose was just injured.  Look at how swollen it is AGAIN and how crooked.  Poor guy.  He was such a trooper as we cleaned him up again and took care of another nose bleed.  
I was so upset, and felt so bad.  I said to him, "I'm so sorry that you hurt your nose again.".  His sweet little response was, "It's ok Mom, people get hurt sometimes.".  Even though this is very true, and I know this is par for the course when raising an "all boy" boy, it still hurts us moms to see our little guys hurt.  
He's fine, and this bruise and swelling have lasted longer and been a little more intense looking.  He's finally starting to get his nose back.  
Even though he has looked like he's been "fighting with a dinosaur" (which is what he told me we should tell people...hehehe), he's such a tough boy, and I'm so thankful that he's ok and is such a happy little guy.

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