Sunday, October 27, 2013


It's been a while since I've posted a "Hudson update", or even blogged for that matter.  Things are just so busy during this wonderful time of year.  We have been busy with lots of fun Fall things, soccer, birthday parties, and everyday life. 

We just finished up with Fall soccer, and Hudson really enjoyed this season.  He had another great coach who made it really fun.  We are so proud of how well Hudson is doing in soccer.  He's really developed a strong interest in it, and is pretty good.  He won the "Golden Cleat" award, and was so proud of his trophy.  He had a great time playing with his buddy, Jack who is also really good.  They became good little buddies. 

We've had a good time visiting local pumpkin patches, the dairy farm, and just being outdoors in the nice Fall weather. 

Our annual Halloween pumpkin carving gathering with our friends was perfect last night with the COLD temps. 

I love this time of year.  Every weekend is packed full of fun things to do, and Sunday evenings come with a gloom that the fun times are over for another week.  This weekend has been no exception.  We celebrated cousin Owen's 4th birthday yesterday along with the soccer party, and pumpkin carving party.  At least we only have 4 days until we get to party again.  I can't wait to see all of the kiddos in their adorable costumes on Halloween night.  Hudson is super excited about his this year.  I'll be sure to post pictures, and I will try not to wait a whole month before doing so. 

4 year Pre-K is going very well.  Hudson has learned so many things from his awesome teacher.  I am proud of how well he is doing academically.  It blows my mind that he will be in kindergarten next year.  I spoke with his teacher last week, and she had lots of nice things to say about him and was pleased with his performance saying that he was doing great.  It made me even more proud of the little boy that he is growing into.  It warmed my heart to hear her say how helpful and compassionate he is with his classmates and how he's always willing to help out even if he's in the middle of doing something else.  There is a new student in his class whose family does not speak English as a first language.  Hudson has taken him under his wing to help him at school. I hope that he always has a heart for those that need a little extra assistance, and keeps that nurturing attitude.

He loves babies and toddlers.  Brantley and Charlotte are both very special to him, and he wants to help them, check on them, and show them things all the time.  He's great with the little ones.

Even though he's growing up way too fast, he still amazes us with his vocabulary and the things that he brings up, asks, and talks about.  Sometimes when talking to him, I feel like I'm talking to a much older person. 

I hope that you enjoyed the Fall pictures, and I promise not to be such a slacker in blogging in the future.  There are lots of fun things coming up that I will have to post and share with you guys. 

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