Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

Being a part of a family is something special.  It means that you have a group where you belong.  You are supported.  You are loved. 

Family is not always those that you are related to.  Sometimes God abundantly blesses us with others who are not our own blood. 

I am so thankful that God chose to bless us with Charlotte and her family.

What a special little girl!  It has been so fun to watch her grow and change. 

From the time she was born, Hudson considered her his little sister, and she is SO much like him.  We joke all the time that they really are siblings because they are so alike.

Hudson takes his "big brother" role seriously and always protects Charlotte or stands up for her even if they do have the occasional spat sometimes.

We love Charlotte's spunky little spirit.  She is so smart, articulate, fun, and sweet.  She knows that she has a special place in our hearts. 

With her contagious smile, she lights up the room.  She is a helper and gives great hugs.


It's so hard to believe that this little girl is TWO!  Where has the time gone?  She is growing so fast. 

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!  We love you so much, and continue to pray for God's blessings and will in your life.  Thanks for bringing so much joy into ours.


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