Friday, October 15, 2010


That's how I feel right now. We are home, and Hudson is doing perfect!!!! Praise the Lord! Thanks so, so, so much for your prayers, texts, messages, and comments. God is good!
We got to CMC super EARLY this morning. When we arrived, little man was wide awake though and had fun running up and down the hall outside the operating room. (I know you are thinking: "Who would let their child do this in a HOSPITAL?, but rest assured, we were the only ones in this waiting area, and quite frankly I'm not real sure how to get a 13 month old to "sit still and wait".) He went back for surgery, and was in recovery within an hour. This time was so different than last. While we were waiting, it was so great to know that we would be leaving with him TODAY. Last time we waited in the room for over 7 hours and saw lots of kids come out of surgery and leave with their parents. We knew that we still had a bumpy road ahead after surgery.
They did have a hard time getting an IV in him, so he was in surgery a little longer than expected. Everything went perfectly once they got the IV in, and when we got to see him in recovery he was doing very well. When I went to recovery, I noticed a baby bottle full of juice sitting beside him. The nurse told me: "I can't get him to drink anything." I pulled his sippy cup out of his bag, and he turned it up and drained it! He hasn't had a bottle in 4 1/2 months, so he was not too sure about drinking out of one. It was cute.
We go back in two weeks so they can begin another round of tests to ensure that everything is "working as expected". We continue to pray for NO REFLUXING and NO OBSTRUCTION.
After we were discharged, we took Hud to Cracker Barrel because he had not eaten since yesterday. The child ate and ate and ate and ate for over 45 minutes. I honestly have never seen him eat as much as he did. I ordered breakfast, and my mom ordered lunch. We even ordered him his own kids meal. He ate all of his and about half of mine and my mom's food. He's eating and drinking very well and seems to be feeling good. Hopefully I won't have to give him any of the pain meds. What a belssing! Here are a few pictures before surgery. Thanks again for keeping him in your prayers.

Talking to Elmo in the window to the OR waiting room

Running down the hall

Waiting to go into the OR pre-op area
"Why won't they let me in? Let's get this show on the road!"

Look at my ball that I picked from the prize shelf before surgery. I'm a little drunk/drousy in this picture because of the oral meds they gave me to make sure I was nice and relaxed before they took me back.

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