Sunday, October 10, 2010

Viral Infections are EVIL!!!!

Saturday was planned with several things that had been on the calendar for a few weeks. Hudson had a haircut appt., and we had family pictures scheduled. On Friday he started not acting like his happy self. He began running a fever (a HIGH one). Turns out he had a viral infection. His throat had blisters on it and I could tell it really hurt. He was a drooling machine, and wouldn't eat or barely drink. There's really nothing you can do for viral "junk" except try to control the fever and wait it out. Friday night was pretty rough. None of us really slept, and his fever never went lower than 101. He got a little better on Saturday afternoon, and after debating on canceling his haircut and our pictures, I decided to try and roll with it. He was feeling pretty good by Saturday evening when we went to do pictures. He had a good time at the Greenway where they were shot. I can NOT WAIT to see them. Afterwards, we grabbed a bite to eat and he started feeling lousy again. His fever was back. It broke during the night and he slept really well. He is feeling much better today, and I am so glad. I know he is going to catch things, but I am really thankful this ran it's course rather quickly. He's having minor surgery this Friday to have his stint removed and to have Doc. Donohoe take a look at the work from the previous surgery. We need him to be well! I hope all of you have had a great weekend. It seems like I'll be digging some summer clothes back out. Temps are supposed to be around 90 for most of this coming week. I am not too excited about that. Fall, please come back and stay for awhile. Don't tease us!

Here's a picture of my silly man one night last week

OH, AND THE DAWGS WON on Saturday!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! Must have been luck since Hudson busted out his GA. shirt and shoes. (We haven't worn them since the second game.)

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