Sunday, April 24, 2011

20 months (tomorrow)

Hudson turns 20 months on the 25th, and Mommy turns 31. How did I get that old? How is my baby almost 2? Yikes! Times flying! You are such a little man, Hudson. You are a busy boy, and are all over the place. You never stop, or slow down. You run all the time. Your vocabulary continues to blossom. I can't even keep up with your new words/phrases anymore because you say everything and repeat anything we tell you to say. You have started saying "please" without being reminded. You said "I love you." this month for the first time out of the blue. It made me so happy. You still love to read books, and your favorite past time is still playing with any kind of ball. You are getting more into trucks and cars, you love watching Barney, and you are really into learning about animals.

You have started singing along with songs on the radio, and it is so stinkin cute. Something new that you have recently started to like is being covered up. You like to get the quilt off the back of the couch, cover yourself up, and lay on the couch with a pillow.

You are so very observant, and do not miss a thing. You tell us things that you see that we might have missed or didn't even notice.

One of your 2 year molars is in, and the others are not far behind. You are still a great eater, and will tell us when you are ready to eat, what you want to drink, what you want for snack, etc.

Strong willed is an understatement when describing you. You sure do get it honest though. Time out has been working pretty well. You will actually sit there and I feel pretty sure that you understand why you are there and that you are being punished.

It is so much fun to see you gaining more independence. You are aware of your surroundings more each day. I can't wait until school is out. Only 4 more weeks until we will get to spend every day together. You are going to be so much fun at the beach this summer! I love you precious boy!


  1. I love reading these updates!!

    Happy Easter and Happy 20th MonthDay!!!

  2. Hudson is growing to be a handsome young man. ^^