Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogger Slacker

It's amazing how fast things can change in the short time of just 2 weeks. The days of sleeping in until 8:30-9:00 am, getting up and hanging out around the house, going out to lunch or eating a late lunch at home, spending the afternoon at the pool or a play date, and staying up until well after mid night are OVER!
WHEW! I can barely hold my eyes open until 9:00, and I won't even lie about my (almost) 2 year old out lasting me the other night while I passed out on the couch before dark. I love teaching. Don't get me wrong, it's just hard getting back into the swing of things.
I have A LOT of little kindergarten darlings in my class this year. So many, that we (all of the K teachers at my school) are over our legal state mandated capacity limit, and should be getting another kindergarten teacher at our school soon. It will be nice to have a more manageable class size, but I have already gotten attached to all of my babies and it will also be hard to let any of them go.
Hudson has enjoyed getting back into his routine and spending time with Claire and Nana. He comes home everyday talking about new things. I can't believe that he will be turning 2 in a few weeks. His party is next weekend, and he's excited about it.
I'm going to cheat with the pictures for this post. I'll admit that I have not really taken any in the past few weeks with everything going on, so I will leave you with a few of our last days of summer vacation. Hudson and Ila had fun playing in the sprinkler, and washing their car.
I've been a Blogger Slacker. I plan to get back into blogging regularly as soon as things slow down for a few minutes. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Hope you are all doing well and that "back to school" is going great for you!

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  1. They look so cute playing with the car. I love seeing him grow up and love,grow and learn.