Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Hudson!

(sorry for all the space between the pictures)

On August 25, 2009 I met the most beautiful baby boy on the planet. He was perfect.

You have brought so much joy to your family, and we could not be more proud of you. Last year your first birthday was overshadowed by the looming thoughts of your surgery that was only days away. We were so nervous and scared.

Not this year. We are so excited and thankful to be celebrating your 2nd birthday. You are such an amazing gift to us.

You still love your cars and trucks. You are quite animated too as you make all of the sounds. You can name any vehicle from a fire truck or ambulance to a dump truck or race car.

Thankfully, you still love reading books and have recently gotten into putting puzzles together. You love coloring and painting too.

You tell us any and everything. Having a conversation with you is like having a conversation with a 4 year old. You are very sociable and never meet a stranger.

You are officially into the "why?", "what is that?", and "what are you doing?" stage. You are so inquisitive and amaze us all the time with the things that you tell us.

Your favorite thing to eat is fruit snacks, and that's all you would consume if we'd let you. It's hard to get veggies in you, but I've become pretty creative at mixing them into other things. You also love to eat rice, and PF Changs is your fave. It's still easy to get you to eat fruit and your favorite drink is still water. You will ask for good ole H2O before anything else.

You are wearing mostly size 2t clothes, but can wear some 3t things too. You wear a size 8w shoe.

You are almost totally potty trained.

You went to the doctor last week because you picked up a tick in the country and had to have it removed. You weighed 31 lbs. I'm not sure exactly how tall you are, but I think you have hit a growth spurt. Your legs have gotten so long.

Your 2yr. well visit with Dr. Nesbit is in a few weeks. I will post stats after that visit. You still have a hard time when we go to the doctor. It never phased you before your surgery, but now you are really a nervous wreck when we go and scream most of the time that we are there. I don't blame you though. You have been through so much in your short little life with Dr. visits, tests, and your surgery.

We have your professional pictures coming up soon with Haley. I'm so excited.

You are such a blessing to us.

We love you more than any words could ever express

I'm excited to continue to watch you grow. As much as it hurts my heart for you to be growing so fast, I'm going to remain content in the age/stage that you are in at any given time and just enjoy you.


Love, Mom