Monday, March 26, 2012

Monthly Update and Spring pictures

You are another month older. This month has been fun because the weather has finally decided to warm up, and the days are getting longer. You spend most of your day outdoors.
Here are a few things that I want to remember about you from this month...
You are certainly not a morning person. You don't like waking up unless it's on your terms, but you are a great sleeper. You go to bed easily, and sleep like a champ all night. You will put yourself to bed or down for a nap if you are ready and we aren't quick enough.You love your lion and your frog hooded towels and insist on only using those two towels after bath time. You like to run out of the bathroom and around the house pretending to be the lion or the frog. You tell us "There's a lion (or frog) on the loose! You better take him back to the zoo (or pond)!" We have to scoop you up and pretend to take you back to the zoo or the pond.
You are a backseat driver, and I can only pray that you are as cautious when you are 16 as you are know about the way that we drive. You constantly tell us to slow down, watch out, and be careful. You spot traffic lights and stop signs a mile away and ensure that we know what color it is and what that color means.
If we ask you to do something or eat something that you are not interested in or don't want any part of, you always say "I'll do it (eat it) tomorrow." I wish it really did work like that. Ha!
You are funny about environmental print. You announce each store/restaurant we pass while driving in the car. You always name Chick-fil-A, Red Robbin, Target, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Waffle House. You also announce when we pass Mrs. Jennifer's office building.
You have such a sweet side. Whenever I say "I love you.", you say "I love you more." I could just eat you up.
You are so smart and talk so well for your age. Mrs. Laura says you talk like a 10 year old. It's so amazing to hear the things that you come up with and see your little wheels turning when you are thinking about something.
How am I so blessed to be the luckiest mom in the world? I am so thankful that God chose you to be my sweet, smart, handsome, and precious boy.
Mrs. Laura took all of these awesome pictures of you this past weekend. I think you look sooooo grown up. You are truly a little boy and not a baby anymore.*Thanks so much to Laura Power with The Freckled Spot Photography for all of these awesome pictures.

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