Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

2009 was an amazing year. We rang it in with best friends in Charleston. We celebrated our 29th and 31st birthdays, visited family in Alabama several times, enjoyed our beach trip, made it through a complicated pregnancy, welcomed our son into the world, lost my grandma, took our son on his first road trip to Alabama, enjoyed Hudson's first holiday season, and ended the year right here at home with best friends and my brother. It will definitely be one of those years that stands out in our minds forever.

We had such a good time with our friends that came to visit. Lori came from Fla., Laura came from South Ga, and Jeanna came from Charleston. Our time was mostly spent shopping, visiting, cooking, and catching up.

Dave and I both go back to work tomorrow. Back to the Daily Grind! Uggghh! I'm not ready. I will never be ready. That's life though, right? These past few weeks have been so much fun. It's been great to be able to spend so much time with Hudson AND Dave. I know Hudson will be glad to see Claire this week. I am excited about seeing her too. It's been a while, and I know she's changed and grown too. My mom will be glad to get her babies back on routine, but I sure am going to miss that little boy.

Happy 2010 to you and your families. I hope it brings much joy and many blessings.
I leave you with one final picture...just because it's cute.

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