Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Decision

What's this you say?
That's the paper work and registration forms for this little guy..... be signed up for.......

AHHHHHHH!!!! Oh my goodness! It has taken lots of time, discussion, and investigating for us to make the decision to send Hud to preschool next year. He will be going two mornings a week, and we are now excited. He's excited. I'm not sure that he really knows what is in store, but I know he will have fun. We feel very blessed that my mom is able to keep him, and that she has taught him so much and has provided him with so many fun and educational experiences. He will still be with her for the rest of the week.

There are lots of good preschools in our area, so we checked into many different ones, and finally made the decision of which one would be best for Hud. I was very unsure and uncertain until we visited a particular one. I felt like the decision was made for us. I've been a nervous wreck for the past few days worrying about him getting a spot, but thankfully he DID get one this morning. WHEW! We are thrilled that Claire will be with him too.

In other news, this boy is 29 months today. In just one short month, he'll officially be 2 and a half. Here's what happens when I try to do a monthly photo shoot...

I DID get some good ones, but most of them looked like the ones above. HA! I love that little man.

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