Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun Trip and Sad New

Guess who can take a 6 hour road trip and turn it into 9 hours???? We can! On Friday we headed down to Florida to visit Dave's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We were very excited to take Hudson because this was his first trip there. The trip was a quick one, but was great non the less. We enjoyed visiting with family, and Huddy had fun out on the rope swing. I'm so glad he got to enjoy this simple pleasure. I have many fond memories of my cousins and I in my grandparents' backyard on our rope swing. We enjoyed that thing for years. We made a few stops on the way home, and even got to see one of my best friends that lives in south GA. It took forever to get home, but we were in no hurry.

Pure bliss!

In other news, my heart has been so heavy, and I have been so sad about Tripp. You may remember me posting about him in the past, and his blog button is on the side of my blog. Tripp went to be with Jesus on Saturday. As heartbreaking as it is to know how much his mom misses him, It's good to know that he is no longer in pain. He is one special little boy. No human should ever have to endure what this little angel went through in his two short years. He has touched so many hearts and lives. If you haven't ever read his story, you will put a lot into perspective, and make you thank the Lord for the "problems" you have. Click here to read more about Tripp.

Here's this week's photo of the week. I love how Hudson has his hand on his great grandpa's shoulder. He was amazed by Baby Mylo.


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