Sunday, January 8, 2012


So we're a week into 2012, and time does not seem to be slowing for anyone. We rang in the new year at home in our pj's. It was the first day Hudson felt good in a week. After two trips to the doctor, countless doses of Tylenol, high fevers that got over 104, and a week in the house, we were thrilled that this boy was starting to feel better. He had "something viral", and there was nothing we could do except to wait it out. He decided on New Years Eve that he really was hungry (he hadn't eaten much of anything in 4 days), and ate enough food to feed a few grown men. I was glad he had his appetite and his spirit back. We went in the back yard and did a few sparklers, and watched the ball drop in our den. Fun times!
I started back to work this past week, and the new year is under way. We are excited to see what 2012 brings! I've seen lots of people do photo challenges on their blogs, and have always thought it would be a fun way to share memories. I do not think that I would do well at the "photo a day" challenge because I do not blog daily, but I do think that I could do a "photo of the week".

Soooo, here's my first photo of the week for 2012.... I just love this picture of Hud and Claire. They love each other so much and missed each other over Christmas break due to vacations, family time, and sickness. Here they are on New Years Day. I wish I knew what they were talking about.

LOVE them!

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