Saturday, April 24, 2010

8 months!

Today is Hudson's 8th month birthday. For the past three months I have continued to say that "this is the month that he's grown the most", but I really do think that he grew more this past month than any other. He's gotten bigger and is doing so much more. He's over his baby toys and into big boy things. He's crawling, pulling up, eating more foods with different textures, has two bottom teeth with another coming in, says ma-ma, and hey, and lots of other things that I have not been able to interpret yet, waves, pets the cats, pulls his toys out of his toy box, and other things that I'm sure I'm forgetting. He's ALL OVER THE PLACE, and is very fast. He gets anywhere he needs to go. He still sleeps from 8pm until 7am. He's always been such a great sleeper and I thank him for that daily! His hair is growing a lot, and it's blonde. I love it! It was growing mostly on top, but now it's getting thicker around the back too. He LOVES his daddy. He really LOVES his Claire, and Mrs. Jennifer (Claire's mom). He's so cute with Claire, and he really misses her when they are apart for a few days. They're precious when they see each other in the mornings and are really playing together and not just playing beside each other. They interact so well and are very close. He's still very happy all the time and is good with strangers. We went to a Japanese Steak House today to celebrate my birthday. That's right...It's the big one for me. The big 3-0. We were a little worried about how Hudson would react to the loudness of the cook, and the fire. He loved it! Well, he loved everything except for the fire. He primped up and let out a little whimper when they lit the grill and the big blaze happened. He was fine when the fire was gone, and enjoyed the rest of lunch.

Dave and I ask ourselves daily how we got so lucky and had such a wonderful baby. It makes us nervous to have another baby because he's spoiled us so much. I'm so thankful to be his mom. I'm not too excited about turning 30 but it is kind of cool to be born on the same day of the month as Hudson. (April 25th and August 25th)

Here are a few pictures that were taken today of my big boy.

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