Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We got "THE LOOK"!

I've always thought that Moe's was a family friendly restaurant. You know, bright colors and lights, loud T.V.'s, close seating, and the servers even yell at you when you walk in the door. Well...I must be mistaken because tonight we got "the look" as we were dining at this fine establishment. Hudson was sitting in a high chair, "talking", and being a 7 month old. He wasn't crying, whining, or being annoying. I was talking to him and he was having a good ole time. He loves watching the fans on the ceiling. I noticed a woman standing in line kept looking at us. OK, she was down right staring. When she got right beside us while she was in line, Hudson let out a happy squeal. That's when it happened. First she looked at me, then Hudson, then me again...making eye contact and everything. Obviously it bothered her that I had my happy, sweet baby with me while my husband and I dined at MOES. I looked at Dave and he read my face. "Don't say anything, and don't worry about it", he told me. I really wanted to tell her that she might want to go somewhere else if she didn't want to be around kids but I was good. I bit my tongue and turned and ignored her. Then I got to thinking....what's going to happen when he does decide to really cut lose in public? Oh well....He's a picture of my BIG boy sporting his new Masters gear because every post is better with a picture. Isn't he growing? I can hardly stand it.

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